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EBSCOed Verified

EBSCOed Verified

Open Digital Badges and other evidence of formal education and training that is Verified by a formal education or training provider who has affirmed the learner's identity and completion of the credentialed learning as well as attested to the quality of the credential outcomes as it relates to the program curriculum and its applicability to the education program it is included in. Applies to credentials and skills.

Industry Terms

Digitally Verified:

Open Digital Badges that can be digitally verified as issued by the Issuer platform. This verifies a credential was issued to an online learner, but no individual verification of learner identity is necessarily affirmed. Typically, a programmatic verification or lookup is executed using a certificate ID provided by the learner. Applies to credentials only.


Individually assessed skills and competencies that are validated on a case by case/individual learner basis (ie: not every credential earner will acquire these skills during the course of credentialed learning). Applies to skills only.

Credential Registry

Understanding organization affiliations on credentials:


The Issuer of a credential is the source credential provider. This is often a National or State Association, Licensure, Industry Training Provider, Apprenticeship Sponsor, etc. but also covers proprietary programming created and delivered by Education & Training providers. 3rd party-issued credentials may be utilized across various education (credentialed learning) programs as stackable components.

Data Provider/Verified by:

EBSCOed Verifiers are formal education and training providers that contribute to Alabama Verified LERs, affirming the individual learner has completed the issued credentialed learning in the context of their education program and has affirmed the individual learner's identity.

A credential or skill may be Verified for an individual by multiple education & training providers.

Education Providers & Programs:

Education & training providers deliver credentialed learning programs that may include various stackable credentials from various issuers in the curriculum in addition to their own proprietary programming. These may be high schools, community colleges, adult learning organizations, apprenticeship programs or third-party providers. This is where the learning happens, physically or virtually.