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Health Specialist - Hourly - NEEDS FORM

Alabama State Personnel Department

Health Specialist - Hourly - NEEDS FORM

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United States

Company size 10,000+ employees
Job sector Health Science
occupation category Other
Job reference number
Job type Part-time
Work environment
In person
Salary $8.25 - $16.46 per Hour

Company Overview

The Merit System
State jobs in the classified service are under the merit system. The merit system is based on competition. Positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis.

Job details


Have you breastfed at least one infant? YES NO ! Are you willing to provide health care to patients in their homes? YES NO ! Are you fluent (both written and verbal) in a language other than English? YES NO ! If yes, what language _________________________________ ! ! Signature: _______________________________________ Last four numbers of SSN: _______ ! ! Except for pretest information provided by State Personnel to all applicants, you should not directly or indirectly obtain information about examinations. If you do, the State Personnel Director may do several things. One, you may not be given an examination. Two, you may be disqualified after an examination. Three, your name may be removed from a register. Or four, your name may not be certified from the register. (Rules of the State Personnel Board, Chapter 670-x-9). According to the Code of Alabama, 36-26-47, a willful violation of exam security is a misdemeanor. Any person who is convicted of this type of misdemeanor will be ineligible for appointment to or employment in a position in State service for a period of five years and, if the person is an officer or employee of the State, will forfeit his or her office or position. ! If you know of anyone who has violated this policy, you should contact the Examination Manager at the State Personnel Department. The Health Specialist - Hourly is an hourly, conditional, no benefits position with the Department of Public Health. Individuals are appointed to this classification to serve on an at-will, part-time, as-needed basis. This classification has no benefits and is based on the amount of work available. Individuals appointed to this classification do not serve a probationary period nor obtain permanent status; therefore, individuals do not have due process rights. Positions are located throughout the state. This is non-professional work in providing supportive health services to patients and health care staff. On the reverse side of this announcement is a required questionnaire. Individuals will be selectively certified based on the information provided on the questionnaire. Attach the completed questionnaire to your application and return it to State Personnel. Applications without the questionnaire attached will not be accepted. Names on the employment register will be considered (selectively certified) for positions in the following specialty areas: ! Wellness/Clinic Peer Counselor Interpreter Home Health ! Employees in this class are separated if no work is available within one year. Complete an Application for Examination Form available at www.personnel.alabama.gov, the above address, or any Alabama Career Center Office. Apply on-line, by mail, or by fax. Applications will be accepted until further notice. The State Personnel Department is not responsible for late receipt of applications due to mail service or faxing malfunctions.


High School Diploma or GED


Open-Competitive to all applicants An Evaluation of Training and Experience as shown on the application will comprise 100% of the final score for the open-competitive register.

Equal Opportunities Statement


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