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Programmer Analyst, Quality Management Option 10517 - 465

Alabama State Personnel Department

Programmer Analyst, Quality Management Option 10517 - 465

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United States

Company size 10,000+ employees
Job sector Arts, AV/Technology, & Communications
occupation category Other
Job reference number
10517 - 465
Job type Contract
Work environment
In person
Salary $61,660.80 - $103,636.80 per Year

Company Overview

The Merit System
State jobs in the classified service are under the merit system. The merit system is based on competition. Positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis.

Job details


The Programmer Analyst (QM Option) is a position used by various agencies throughout the state. This is full performance professional level work performing moderately to highly complex quality management verification and validation work. Employees in this class are responsible for independently analyzing and evaluating changes to existing applications systems against quality standards in order to allow for integration into the production environment. This differs from the lower level in that incumbents work on projects with integrated systems that impact multiple applications. Supervision may be exercised over lower level IT personnel. Work at this level requires full proficiency in more than one testing tool. If you would like for your education to be considered, you must submit an official college transcript for each accredited* postsecondary academic institution attended. Original transcripts issued to students will be accepted. Photocopies of transcripts and faxed transcripts will be accepted. Information obtained from the internet will NOT be accepted. You may request to have your school, or a third-party transcript service send your transcript directly to the State Personnel Department at transcripts@personnel.alabama.gov This email address is only for educational correspondence. Any emails sent to this address by an applicant will be discarded. Official transcripts which have been submitted for any state job after January 2, 2012, will remain on file in our system and will not need to be resubmitted. You may call to verify. Additional education and/or experience above that which is minimally required, may be substituted on a year-for-year basis. Complete an Application for Examination Form available at www.personnel.alabama.gov, the above address, or any Alabama Career Center Office. Apply on-line, by mail, or by fax. Applications will be accepted until further notice. The State Personnel Department is not responsible for late receipt of applications due to mail service or faxing malfunctions.


Current, permanent Merit system status as a Programmer Analyst, Associate (for the promotional register only). Bachelor’s degree from an accredited* four-year college or university in Computer Science, Math, Information Technology or a related field, including 2 courses in programming plus four (4) years of experience in Quality Management activities such as Quality Assurance, Quality Control, or Configuration Management utilizing Quality Management tools and techniques to analyze, verify, and validate software and ensure programmatic changes will integrate with production including two (2) years of experience in designing and executing complex test plans, cases, and scripts, designing and executing performance and load tests, analyzing applications for integration, and verifying lifecycle work products.


Open-Competitive to all applicants and Promotional to current state employees in the classification identified above An evaluation of Training and Experience as shown on application will comprise 100% of the final score for the open-competitive register and 95% of the final score for the promotional register. The remaining 5% of the promotional score will be based on the average of the applicant’s service ratings for the last three years.

State of Alabama Personnel Department Policy

Except for pretest information provided by State Personnel to all applicants, you should not directly or indirectly.  obtain information about examinations. If you do, the State Personnel Director may do several things. One, you may not be given an examination. Two, you may be disqualified after an examination. Three, your name may be removed from a register. Or four, your name may not be certified from the register. (Rules of the State Personnel Board, Chapter 670-x-9). According to the Code of Alabama, 36-26-47, a willful violation of exam security is a misdemeanor. Any person who is convicted of this type of misdemeanor will be ineligible for appointment to or employment in a position in State service for a period of five years and, if the person is an officer or employee of the State, will forfeit his or her office or position.

If you know of anyone who has violated this policy, you should contact the Examination Manager at the State Personnel Department.

Applicants hired by the State of Alabama on or after January 1, 2012 will be subject to the E-Verify process pursuant to Act No. 2011-535.

State of Alabama Personnel Department

Policy on Accepting College Coursework, Post-Secondary and Advanced Degrees

1. Specific college coursework required for a job classification, as well as bachelor’s, graduate, post graduate,and doctoral degrees will be accepted from schools accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission

(DEAC) or any of the six regional accreditation associations in the United States listed below:

 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
 Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
 Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
 Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
 New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
 Western Association of Schools and Colleges –Senior College and University Commission (WASC-SCUC)

College coursework is defined as credit hours leading to a bachelor’s degree or higher.

2. Coursework or degrees from schools that have not been accredited by one of the above accreditation associations may be accepted if a regionally accredited school* considers the coursework or degree to be an acceptable prerequisite for admission to an advanced degree program. For example, if a regionally accredited school accepts an applicant’s bachelor’s degree for admittance into a graduate degree program, State Personnel will accept the degree. In the case of required college coursework (but no degree requirement), State Personnel will accept the college coursework if a regionally accredited school accepts the coursework towards a post-secondary degree (e.g., a bachelor’s degree). This must be documented by a letter of acceptance from the regionally accredited school. State Personnel will review such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Note: This policy is subject to change. Certain state agencies may have additional requirements.

*The term “regionally accredited school” refers to an institution of higher education accredited by one of the six regional accreditation associations listed above.

Equal Opportunities Statement


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