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Harvey Fellows Program


Initiated by the Mustard Seed Foundation in 1992, and now overseen by the 28twelve Foundation, the program seeks to mark, equip and encourage individuals to actively integrate their faith and vocation as leaders in strategic occupations.

The most successful applicants tend to be preparing for careers in the following fields:

• Research, teaching, and administration at premier secular colleges and universities
• Economics, business, and finance in public and private sector
• International diplomacy, security, and business
• Journalism and media
• Film production and visual and performing arts
• Public policy and federal, state, and major city government
• Applied and theoretical sciences

Vocations we do not consider a priority for this fellowship include: work within a church or religious organization, civil service, elementary and secondary education, Christian education, homemaking, farming, not-for-profit relief and economic development, military service, private practice law or medicine, clinical psychology or counseling, social work, professional sports, and other fields that traditionally have attracted a higher percentage of Christians. While we value these disciplines and those who work in them, the purpose of this fellowship is to encourage scholarship and vocational pursuits in areas of significant societal influence in which a Christian presence is perceived to be minimal.