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Sweet Creek Farm Market


Job address

United States

Company size 11-50 employees
Job sector Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
occupation category General Workforce Skills for Many Occupations
Job type Part-time
Work environment
In person

Company Overview

SweetCreek Farm Market is a "fresh from our local farm" market and cafe.

Job details


As a Cashier at Sweet Creek Farmers Market, you are the face of the company while you process each customer’s order quickly, accurately, and efficiently while ensuring complete customer satisfaction through prompt and friendly service. As a Cashier, Sweet Creek Farmers Market looks to you to accurately handle customer cash, credit/debit payments, and change, and assist customers by providing information and resolving their complaints. Following all front end procedures, assisting with stocking shelves, facing and dusting as needed are all a part of the day for a Sweet Creek Farmers Market Cashier. A Cashier maintains knowledge of weekly ad items, gives customers direction of product location throughout the store, is familiar with events and seminars going on or coming up, and maintains excellent communication with front end manager and Head Cashier at all times. A Cashier is expected to ensure that checkout areas are properly maintained in a clean and orderly condition at all times, and execute all other related duties as assigned.

Preferred skills

Provides continuity of customer operations and a high level of customer satisfaction/service to the clients
common knowledge of fruits and vegetables
Follows food safety guidelines, follow personal safety guidelines

Required Credentials

High School Diploma
This is a PDF that proves I have the diploma

Required Experiences

Required Experiences
Experience Title
Collects cash payments from customers, and makes change or charge purchases to customers' credit cards, providing customers with receipts
Experience Level
Recurrence Unit
Current Experience

Sensory requirement

  • Must lift/carry product horizontally/vertically weighing up to 30 lbs., from 36” to 24”, for a distance up to 3 feet for up to 50 hours without mechanical assistance.
  • Must use both hands to move grocery carts horizontally requiring a force up to 35 lbs., for a distance up to 4 feet for up to 50 hours

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